Mexico beats U.S.

So-call third-world country implements covid 19 measures early


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There are flags to represent and this flag represents a strong nation.

Viviana Ortiz Perez, Staff Writer

A sign on the door pronounced that only two people would be allowed in at once.

They had to be masked. 

They had to have a temperature check.

They had to use hand sanitizer.

All this may not seem like such a big thing now but this was not the United States. 

It was  Mexico in the middle of March.

President Trump was still denying covid-19, denying the need for masks and contradicting his own doctor Anthony Fauci about the seriousness of the coming pandemic.

In March 2020, my sister Desirea Ortiz and I were heading to Mexico to spend spring break with my dad. The first week was so fun, we didn’t want to leave.

Good news! We didn’t have to. 

Our spring break was extended another week. Then another. Then longer. 

While Mesquite ISD was one of the first districts to start online learning, it was less than successful for any number of reasons.  

Among them was the attitude that school wasn’t real. Another was too few chromebooks and hot spots.

It was a hot mess.

While my sister and I were in Mexico, we were expected to wear face masks wherever we went. 

That was a Mexican expectation.

Our temperature was checked as we left one store and went into the next. if peoples’ temperature was too high, they would immediately tell them you cannot come in and to go away.

Fortunately, that never happened to us.

Every time we arrived somewhere, police officers asked where we were coming from and where we were headed and said that only two people were allowed to travel per car. 

Flash forward to mid-April. 

My mom came to Mexico and decided that I should go back with her. 

That’s when reality dawned on me.

When I arrived in Dallas the next day, we went to Walmart and it was crazy. Some people didn’t wear masks. 

Nobody was checking temperature. The only place where they did check my temperature was when I went to my orthodontist for my monthly check up. 

What conclusion can I draw from this?

A lot.

Donald Trump was bad mouthing a country that was working far harder than the United States was to contain the virus. 

Denying people crossing from Mexico to the United States was ridiculous. It should have been the other way

Flashback to March: Mexico was a lot smarter than the United States in handling the corona virus. People will never know it unless they talk to people who have been there.