Water fountains to make comeback

More dispensers to be added around building


Water fountains have changed since the pandemic arose

Staff Writer, Sarah Burnett

Everyone has seen them. 

Those people who stand at a water fountain with their mouths literally on the spout as they slurp water. 

Granted not all fountains have enough pressure to get the water high enough to avoid an ugly encounter with the metal spout. 

With that picture in mind, Mesquite schools dismantled the fountains and placed sanitizer stations in front of the useless fountains to reduce possible covid-19 contamination both from touching the handles and contaminated spouts.

That’s about to be all in the past.

West’s water fountains have been closed since before school started in September. The water fountains were dismantled as a way to reduce contamination with covid-19. The dismantling of the fountains was required of all schools by TEA.

Some students prefer dispensers. Sophomore Penelope Chavez was one of them.  

“I like the water dispenser more,” Chavez said. “It’s safer and fewer germs spread around.” 

Chavez also liked having water with her during the day.

On the other hand, sophomore Ashley Moreno liked having water fountains. She said she often forgot her bottle.

Junior Ariel Trapp liked the fact that the water was filtered.

“The dispensers are better than the water fountains,” Moreno said. “It’s safer and it has a filter so the water is cleaner.”

While the school closed the water fountains, it didn’t leave students high and dry. Instead, it added four water bottle dispensers where students could fill their water bottles. They were located around the first floor of the building. 

        One thing will stay the same. The school will still have hand sanitizer dispensers around the school.