How covid-19 has affected families, money, jobs

Pandemic brings new opportunities

Staff Writer, Victor Mireles

Freshman Jose Aguirre has been affected by the ongoing pandemic. He had stopped working at his family restaurant El Rinconcito when it was temporarily forced to close.

The reason he needed to stop at the restaurant because one of his coworkers tested positive for the virus. They had to close the restaurant.

Fortunately, his uncle came to the rescue. He was able to go work with his uncle at The Garibaldi Bazaar in Dallas. 

He now works with his uncle selling sneakers there. The bazaar is similar to an indoor flea market where people can rent a space to sell their merchandise. 

While many jobs and businesses have ceased to exist due to the pandemic, others have been created. 

Covid-19 testers are likely to be nurses and nurse assistants.

 ‘’These opportunities are open to many people who are willing to invest the skills training,’’ said Dallas-area nurse Melissa Polak said

Another new job the pandemic has created is face-mask makers. 

People all around the country require masks. Some companies welcome back their employees with logo-branded masks. West Mesquite had masks made for prom.

One of the industries hit hardest by the pandemic was movie theaters. This industry was forced to shutter its doors because there was no way early on to sanitize between movies or keep social distancing. 

New films and movie premieres often went to streaming services.

Since last March, the movie industry has lost $7 billion and is on track to lose $10 more billion through the end of May. 

According to USA Today, more than 229 million Americans lost jobs between March 2020 to April 2021.

Forbes magazine said it could take up to four years to get back to where America was prior to the pandemic.

Bright spots in the hiring process exist.

App developers, web network developers, social media managers, directors and marketers, software designers, and many other different jobs businesses related to quarantine. have been increasing because of the quarantine.

 Covid 19 has affected families and jobs – even ones people thought were not going to be hit hard. 

Mesquite construction worker Santos Aguilar has been working in construction since he was 18. His boss had to let him go. 

“It’s been difficult to find a stable job,” Aguilar said.

This pandemic has been difficult for some industries but has been great for others and for those to come.