Time for change

Mesquite ISD needs to step into now

Shaleam Jackson, Staff Writer

Since the pandemic started, masks have become a part of everyone’s wardrobe and mandated dress code around the globe. 

With masks being a new accessory, it has affected how people function – from people going out and getting piercings to just growing out that lumberjack beard every guy wants. 

“Having the chance to grow my beard made me feel free.” senior Amado Martinez said “It’s what I was used to in DISD as well.”

Students are confused about whether a change is going to happen for next year considering ignoring what you can’t-full-see dress code has not caused any problems.

The dress code is going to become an even greater issue as Mesquite high school students want to continue to exert their own sense of individuality. After having survived a year of masks “hiding” beards and nose piercings, it will be hard if not impossible to say either caused students to behave poorly or disturbing others and kept them from learning. 

Saying that it teaches students the appropriate way to dress for the real world also makes no sense as most businesses and all fashion magazines have men with beards. 

The odds of the dress code changing are good for the students if what teachers think matters.  A survey of 10 teachers found that seven agreed that the dress code should change to better suit the times. The other three either didn’t care or thought to leave it as it is.

 “I feel that if the dress code changes to allow facial hair or piercings then IDs should be enforced,” CTE teacher April Floyd said “It will make everyone’s lives easier if we can identify you no matter if you have a beard, mask, or piercing.”

Journalism teacher Judy Babb agrees.

“There are so many more important things to worry about,” Babb said. “Choose your battles. Change the code to match what is going on today.”

In a survey of 50 students, 46 agreed that the dress code needs some change from its traditional ways.

 “ I mean facial hair isn’t necessarily a need for me,” junior Angel Reyes said, “So I really don’t care about the rule change that much.”

“I love being able to have my nose pierced,” senior Tsion Keteme said. “I want the future students to be able to experience this as well .”

The times are going to continue to change and it’s about time for MISD to start changing with the progression of time. Let dress code relax and worry about more important things – like wearing IDs.