West transforms into the magical world of Narnia

Ashley Balderas, Staff Writer

During a standing ovation on Oct 15th in West Mesquite auditorium, the cast from The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe take a bow. The cast later did a meet and greet with the audience. (Courtesy of MISD Facebook)

On Friday, October 15, 2021, the theater department did something magical at West. They transformed the school’s auditorium into the fictional place of Narnia from C.S Lewis’s book “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”. The cold auditorium set the mood for the audience to feel like they are actually in the freezing, cold land of Narnia.

Right at the start, Lucy played by Veronica Couture captivated our hearts with her ability to convey the innocence and deep emotions of her character. Couture is a first year theater student. 

Crowd favorite Tumnus played by Annalisa Wilson was a joy to watch on stage. Between her light-hearted and whimsical character to her flawless playing of her instrument, she made you believe that somewhere in the deep woods there was a fawn waiting to be your best friend. Wilson did an amazing job displaying her character’s inner battle between good and evil. Wilson also played a double role as Father Christmas.

Also, another surprisingly crowd favorite was a dwarf played by Preston Neely. He offered comedic relief in all of the right places. His voice was quite fitting to his character and his mannerisms were spot on.

The two showstoppers of the night were Aslan played by Gavin Brent, and the White Witch played by Abigail Lugo. Lugo truly embodied her character. I never knew that evil could be so graceful. When she first entered on stage you couldn’t take your eyes off her every movement and word. Her accent was a great addition to the character and demonstrated her acting ability far from what was expected in a high school play..

Brent, who played Aslan, took the stage with a  commanding presence of prestige and power. Brent shocked many with his debut performance. 

In Lewis’s book Aslan is seen as a strong, wise lion who is respected by all in the land. Gavin brought those characteristics to life even when he belted out his loud ,ROAR!

I can’t give this review without noting what a great job the tech and set crew did with designing and lighting. What really put the whole show together were the costumes, which were perfectly pulled off by each of the actors. The changing of the scenes happened so smoothly and quickly. This play left the audience craving to go home and watch the film on screen.