One way, wrong way, no way

Lunch takes on a new face, vending machines open but with rules


Jacob Rios

Through out west there are signs letting people know that the way their going is the wrong way.

Destiny Dixon, Staff writer

Wrong way signs dangled from the ceiling tiles in the hallway. The signs push students to hurry to class, even if it means taking the long way round.

The one-way hallways upstairs and the divided ones downstairs were meant to keep students farther apart and more socially distanced. 

Freshman Bianca Noin isn’t a fan of the hallway flow.

 I really don’t like how the school hallways are made,” Noin said.“And they are too strict, You can’t go backward to your class even if they are just one or two doors away.¨

The administration did make a few changes to the flow in the first few weeks. The short hall between A and H was made two-way and a few of the staircases became two-way as well.

Noin wasn’t the only student bothered by the flow. Freshman Alicinca Chavez found making it to class on time stressful.

¨It’s a lot of work,” Chavez said. “Because you can be late to class if you miss your turn. You end up having to take a whole circle again just to get to the classroom.¨ 

Upstairs hallways are designed for students to go one way and downstairs hallways are made for students to go both ways as they are wider.  

All of this in the interest of safety.

But there are more ways than one West has called for change. For example, social distancing is encouraged and reminded of by the round circles on the floors in hallways. They proclaim “Be smart. Stand apart.”

In the cafeteria, W’s on the floor keep those in line six feet apart. At the tables, fewer chairs are available.

Freshman Bree´ana Phifer agrees with the idea of social distancing.

“I feel as though the social distancing in school just doesn’t exist,” Phifer said. “Especially in the hallways during the passing period.¨ 

She pointed out that some hallways are crowded during the passing periods and no one can get a full six feet apart.

As proof of Phifer’s beliefs, seniors and juniors have been spotted who were not properly social distancing as they thought they were. With the hallways crowded with students passing through to get to their next class, it makes it close to impossible to even social distance.