Student tells story of his virtual life

School and home are becoming one nowadays here’s Edward’s situation

Edward Govea , School Writer

For me, virtual varies every day. I don’t work in the same place every day. In fact, I’m not sure until I come out of my bedroom and see where my siblings are.

My work area depends where my siblings are because they start school before me. Today my workplace is in my room..”

My bedroom is shared with a brother and a sister. I take one of the bunks. The beds against the walls with their heads touching each other. A TV sits on a shelf. A closet without a door is full of all of their things. A single window lets in light that illuminates the wood floor and blue walls.

My room reflects my sister more than my brother and me.  My sister technically takes all the room because she decorates it whenever and however she wants and we can’t do anything about it.

Sharing a closet is much the same.

My sister has this whole one side for herself. Me and my little brother share a side to hang up our clothes and the shelves carry our shoes.”

I don’t have any drawer space either. Technically I do but my sister and brother took them all up. The TV sets on the drawers.