Living The Virtual Life

Making home the classroom

Koriana Sledge, Staff Writer

Since I’m virtual I didn’t see anything in the “classroom” per se but in my “virtual classroom,” I have a brown table with a tall red chair to be able to reach the table. 

I have a large cup of pens and pencils and other useful school supplies and my computer that I leave charging overnight.

“I charge it here because it is convenient in the morning” she also said “i keep my chromebook logged in during the week so i don’t have to log in every day.

My work area is in my room so beside my table is my  bed and nightstand. I keep snacks to eat during class, I ate a bag of Oreos during the first period for breakfast.

On my floor I have a white rug with little silver strings coming out. It’s not very soft, it’s on the rougher side but it’s pretty.During class, I noticed many kids were not answering the teacher’s questions and she was getting frustrated.

The teacher’s mic was muffled so I couldn’t hear much of what she was saying, a student typed that in the chat box but i guess the teacher didn’t see or hear it. She went on to tell instructions then dismissed the class but no one heard her.

Later on that day that same issue happened again, I soon realized most students have a hard time hearing during Google meets.