Thank you to the teachers

We appreciate you

Eddie Rose, Mesquite Board of Education Vice President #thankfulmesquite

Think back for a minute about how your heart felt the day you decided to be a teacher. Think back for a minute about that first hug from a student, that moment when you saw the look on a student’s face when he or she “got it,” or maybe that moment you saw your first-year students walk down the halls of your school wearing caps and gowns.


You are teachers. You are in this profession for a reason. You take on this responsibility because there are those of us who are incapable of doing what you do. That makes you heroes. If you don’t think so, look it up. Hero – a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. You are my heroes.


I want to encourage you. I know you are stressed. I know most of you have worked endless hours in an unfamiliar situation to create a safe learning space for your kids. I know some of you have gone home at night and screamed into your pillow. Some of you have maxed out a credit card or two on Amazon. Hey, we all deal with stress differently. You have done an amazing job of “building the plane while you are flying it.”


You. Are. Doing. A. Fantastic. Job.


I also want to thank you. Thank you for being my heroes. Thank you for being my 12-year-old daughter’s heroes. Thank you for your courage, your outstanding achievement and your nobility. You are teachers, and I love you for what you do.


Do you work with someone who is one of your heroes?  I encourage you to let that person know he or she is significant to you.