Learning from a distance

Brother shows stress of virtual life


Sample Student

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Elijah Luna, School Writer

His room is quite unkempt nowadays – given all the clothes on the floor and an untidy bed. 

Not only does his room reflect the stress he’s under but the disheveled hair, bags under the eyes and clothes that’ve been worn more than once make it easy to see he’d been feeling a little overwhelmed with the way school has been going.

 “It gets a little hard to focus sometimes…” Fraiser Middle School seventh grader Eder Luna said. “It feels like I’m being forced to watch a super long YouTube video. I tend to get sidetracked often.” he sighs. “Sometimes, school feels optional, but I know it’s not – it’s just hard to take a screen seriously.” 

Whenever asked about grades – Chacho as his friends and family call him – shifts uncomfortably, looking a bit afraid to answer. 

“Well, they’re not doing too hot.” he laughs. “Just like I was saying before, school started to become optional for me.”  

Playing with the strings of his hoodie, he hesitated a bit on his words. 

“The work became something that would slip my mind –  because I just couldn’t do it.” he said with frustration. “Even on the days I’d pay attention, all the information just didn’t process like how it would if I was in school.”

His hands fidget. 

“I swear, it’s so hard to focus but…I’m trying, I really am.”

After hearing his struggles, how could he improve? 

“What could I do different?” he pondered at the question while rubbing the nape of his neck. “I guess . . . just put a little effort in? 

“I do tend to push things off til the last minute and then wonder why I’m struggling so hard.” he laughs with a shy smile. “I might even start taking notes!”