Teacher reflects on virtual challenge


Edwin Castro, School Writer

Biology Teacher Kelly Bender finds the loss of body language and interaction from students a major challenge when teaching virtual students. She finds it hard to notice and determine a student’s knowledge virtually when she cannot see them.  

She also believes that students have a harder time to make meaningful conversations due to the decrease of participation within the virtual environment they are in.

“Students aren’t getting the knowledge they need to be taught,” said Bender. “Especially virtual ones since it is much more difficult to monitor that.”

Although Bender has such a major challenge when teaching, she has found new technologies that make her classes more interactive.

A big success Bender has had in her classroom is the blending between virtual students and in person students as they work together on activities, projects, and labs. 

“It is nice to see virtual and in person students to work with each other,” said Bender. “Even though they can’t interact with each other they still work fine together.”