Culinary takes on new safety precautions


Mya Johnson

Apart with mask on keeps culinary busy

Edwin Castro, School Writer

Students in culinary teacher Tyler Stickle’s class scatter to one of the five sinks in the classroom to lather up before working with food. They also use hand sanitizer to ensure cleanliness.

Students wear masks when cooking.

Stickle teaches students how to cook and bake.  Only Stickle and five students work in his room during 7B. The rest are virtual.

Carts around the room brimmed with baking tools. Pots and large steel bowls waited for students to gather them. 

The smell of fresh baked bread filled the room as crusty loaves cooled on the counter.

“Most of the students in this class have gone virtual,” Stickle said about his small class. “Most of the covid-19 procedures we would already do.”

The big difference is in packaging for a no-touch delivery.

Inside the classroom an 11th grader Jose Garcia – known to his friends as Angelas – is one of the face-to-face students. Garcia organized knives and later on made coffee, and another junior Justus Bustamante washed dishes.

Junior Judith Albarado made pepper paste for hummus that they would prepare the next class. Stickle tasted the pepper paste so that he could see if it was spicy or not. 

“It’s spicy,” Stickle joked, calling himself a gringo. “Jalapenos from Kroger aren’t very spicy.”

The other two other juniors Priscilla Soriano and Lazarrayah Johnson waited for their food to finish cooking. 

Most food made in the classroom was cooked in the oven. Students took the food home to eat, reducing  contamination inside the classroom.

When the students finished clean up, they used washing machines to wash used towels and aprons with bleach. 

Stickle’s class was clean and organized. Techniques in his class have not changed other than the number of students because covid-19 kept others at home.