Getting to know you

Woolard faces challenges with VLA

Edwin Castro, Staff Writer

Coach Woolard finds that the most challenging thing about teaching both virtual and in person is that he doesn’t know the virtual students as well as the in person students. 

“Not knowing their personalities makes it difficult to work with them,” said Woolard. “It’s also hard remembering their names without knowing how they look.”

Woolard also discovered the attendance hard to do with virtual students. Marking them there and then finding they did no work means the present is supposed to be changed to an absent. And if they come in later and do the work, the absence becomes a present. 

Woolard has success whenever it comes to written communication. He knows what to write and do when explaining to students who aren’t with him at the time.

Woolard also finds that most of the success coming from his classes are presented mostly by his in person students.

“I hope for school to get back to normal as quickly as possible,” said Woolard. “Students are lacking social development from being home.”