Energy part of F2F class


Tsion Ketema

When the class is together everyone has energy.

Kendra Eddington, Staff writer

U.S. History teacher Ryan Moeck interacted with his students. His actions motivated, creating participation with students who shout out the right answers.

Most students paid attention but a few at the back of the class were on their phones. 

Others followed along on the chromebooks with the slides as Moeck projected his slides on the giant TV.

Freshman Ana Sanchez worked quietly at the back of the room. Desks sat side by side with little social distancing. The room appeared relatively full, making it difficult. 

Moeck called on a student who wasn’t paying attention. Of course, he didn’t know the answers so sophomore Nathan Reyes helped him out with the question. 

Reyes got out of his seat to charge his chromebook,

Moeck told a story about one of his jury duty times. It was one he was excluded from because of his personal beliefs.

“I had real problem with the fact the accused was a sex offender,” he said. “I couldn’t help but think about my daughters.”

He said he told one of the officers why he couldn’t be fair as a juror. 

Moeck reflected again about his girls.

“I just wouldn’t want anything to happen to them,” he said.