Teachers find ways to encourage activity


Anahi Diaz

Students working another day

Cassandra Calixto, Stqff Writer

Students in Julio Hernandez’s Algebra 1 class attacked a Gimkit, trying to find the answer to x and y. Hernandez toured the room helping his students and asking them questions

Freshman Devin Valentine was in the top five of her class based on the Gimkit. Her effort shows and helps her move up in the class.

Hernandez asked her if she needed help. She didn’t and shook her head no. She moved into the top four now .

Hernandez paid her a compliment

The class paid attention. Three students have their phones out and were hiding them inside their chromebooks. One student took notes on what the teacher said about desmos. Desmos is an app students use in math to solve equations, fractions, tables, multiplication, division, subtracting and adding.

They got off topic when the teacher mentioned missing the students while he was out.

“It’s good to see y’all again,” he said. “It’s been a long two weeks.”

Freshman Jesus Calixto asked about the absence.

“Where have you been,” Calixto asked.

Hernandez told them the reason – because his family gotten coronavirus and he had to isolate in Houston.

They got back on topic and took notes to solve for x and y.

He gave instructions about working in teams, challenging them to do their best.

“Winners get homework passes,” he said.

Before they start, they practice a few problems with Hernandez.

They stayed on track, taking notes and preparing for the competition and looking for a night without homework.