School changes, vending machine opening noticed


Students wait socially distanced for lunched

Cassandra Calixto, School Writer

School changed a lot on Sept. 14 as Mesquite did a by-choice opening with those coming to school if they wanted and others choosing to stay virtual. Covid 19 was the culprit that made school different.  

On campus, the idea was to keep all students six feet apart in classrooms, hallways and in lunch as well. 

Upstairs halls were one way.The speed is faster but clumps of students frequently walked together, some three abreast. Occasional couples walked together, leaning in to talk and being instructed by teachers to separate if hands were together. 

“Make sure you get hand sanitizer,” Algebra 1 teacher Yeeun Jeon said. “It’s always by the door.”

Lunch tables were six feet apart and had six chairs six feet a part from each other. The room was divided into sections, including one in the hallways near the Little Theater and Grand Staircase. Students were seated by sections and mostly with their classmates.

 “So glad the vending machines are back,” a student said.  “I’m able to purchase my favorite snacks in lunch and after school.” 

  Vending machines were turned off until Oct. 14 when they were re-opened on a limited basis and restricted to use with teacher permission,

Before students buy, they had to use hand sanitizer, leaving their hands and the machines sanitized.

Still there is another reminder to stay safe as teacher XXXXXXXX reminds them.

          “Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer before you touch the machine.” a teacher said. “And after you leave, use it again.”