BIM class has clear goals

BIM is set and ready to go


Jacob Rios

Even during a pandemic BIM is ready

Destiny Dixon, Staff Writer

The dim light in Tara Yeater’s BIM 1 class was created by three lamps rather than fluorescent lighting. It created a mood in the class and tended to keep the class quieter. 

Yeater was teaching her class about Microsoft Word. 

Yeater walked the class, circling the core group of computers, looking left and right as she explained how to center copy or flush it to one side or the other.

She made it sound easy.

The next class, Yeater was absent but class went on. 

Yeater had lessons prepared for her students, so students knew what to do for the class period.

The students were quiet as they worked. 

Freshman Miguel Reed explained one of the purposes of the assignment.

“This is teaching us how  to create hyperlinks on a word link,” he said.

Some of the students had trouble completing the assignment.

Freshman Lesley Briones asked one of her classmates for help and got it.

Briones was then hard at work, working against the clock to finish before the class was over.