Football learns life lessons, wins homecoming game

Coach values players behaviors

Cayla Ng, Photo editor, Photo editor

Sometimes coaches call them rebuilding years – years that describe less than stellar seasons.

For West Mesquite head coach and athletic director Frank Sandoval, he looks at the season as being 0-0 after every loss. He also looks at all the things he is proud of and that is a lot.

As of Nov. 19 – West’s Homecoming game against Wylie East – he can look at it as 1-0. West beat them soundly with a 41-27 score.

Sandoval said that motivation and excitement is staying high. The team watches the game films every week and sees their improvement.

“It’s just a few mistakes that keep us out of the win column,” Sandoval said. “They can see that and stay positive.”

He pointed out things that make the season difficult.

First, the virtual students cannot come to the 4A and 8B classes. They are restricted to after-school practices. Second, if a player has any symptoms, they are told to stay home.

“Before, they would be told to come and watch,” Sandoval said. “Now they have to stay home so they miss out on learning.”

The coaches put player health before anything else. Team members were put in smaller squads that worked together with one of the coaches. They wore masks and did as much social distancing as possible .

But on the way the boys carried themselves, he speaks proudly.

“Teachers call or email us to tell us how well behaved and gentlemanly the players are,” he said. “We love to hear that.”

It may not be the season everyone hoped for but it has been one that they can be proud of.

He also spoke with pride about the number of players he has on the A-B honor roll. He said a large number of the seniors could hang their hats on their grades and that many of them were now on the A-B honor roll.