History can be too much info for some


Samantha Solis

Students work hard to get their history work finished.

Jonnetta Owens, Staff Writer


U.S. History teacher Samantha Parker walked around H207, telling her students about the United States buying Alaska from France. Students watched her over the top of their chromebooks where they looked at her slides.

“History at times can be pretty boring, but Coach Parker makes it fun to learn,” sophomore Jackie Fraire said. “It’s way easier than my World History class last year.”

.  As Parker makes her way around the room, she checks to make sure her students are staying on task and focused on the lesson.

Not all students were as excited as Fraire.

Jalisa Malcom thought that the topic was pretty boring, but she knows she still has to pay attention.

“The class is informational,” Malcolm said. “I just have to deal with it.”

Sophomore Ernest Castaneda was not a history buff.

“This class gives me a headache,” he said. “The hardest part though is paying attention and keeping up with everyone else.”

“Miss, the WiFi is not working!” yelled one of the students from across the room, but Parker then experienced the lag as well and asked students to bear with her.

“Opinion time!” shouted Coach Parker.

During this time students told Parker why they believe the U.S.A was able to take over the way they did and one fact they had learned from the lesson.

Students raise their hands eagerly, ready to give their answers.