Work from home? What is that?

Work from bed!! Now that sounds interesting.

Michelle Castro, Staff writer

From desks and chairs in school, to couches and beds at home. Still half asleep but managing to stay awake, finding a comfortable position to be in so one’s legs don’t get tired or fall asleep during class. That’s the life of a virtual student – also known as VLA.

“My living room and my bedroom are my study areas,” said senior Carmen Bautista. Since I have my classes throughout the day, I’m  just sitting down mostly all the day.”

In her last year of high school, she spent her days not having the senior experience she wanted.

Her day starts with waking up, staying in her pajamas, grabbing a computer and waiting till it is time for class to start. She sees her teachers for 15 minutes and then does work on her own.

“After my first class, I’ll eat something quick for breakfast,” she said even though she said it was still not having a good meal. “I go to my two classes then eat lunch except for A day on Fridays. I go to school for phlebotomy and am double-blocked.”

She finds virtual learning has some flaws.

“I feel pressure. The teachers expect you to always do good in work, that being at home makes it easier for you,” she said. “Our classmates at school  are able to see us but we can not see them.”

Covid has been the biggest threat this year. It made its mark on school in March after spring break and it continued through the fall – and who knows how much longer.

“I’m glad that we have the option to choose virtual because there is less exposure to people, also because my mom and I have asthma, so Covid can hit us the worse,” Bautista said.

For some students, they have to be at work and school, so virtual has given the students a chance to choose,

“There is a relief when your class ends early and you just have time to relax or to take naps between classes.”

From hallways and white classrooms to navy walls and a colorful dresser, Bautista has learned virtual has its good parts too.

For starters, she thinks it’s good to be at home and feel comfortable just being in a place where she feels safe.