VLA art student finds giving presentation lonely

The chromebook tilt makes seeing classmates much harder

Clarissa Garza, Staff writer

Junior Cameron Garza opened her chrome book and signed into Megan Gowan’s Art 1 class meet. Sitting with her two sisters, Clarissa and Candace, they gathered at the dining room table to do their virtual learning.

“Due to the coronavirus, I am unable to participate in person with my teachers or peers and because of this,” Cameron said. “I have seen a difference between in-person learning and virtual learning”,

Cameron was to do an art presentation and it required her to interact more with her peers. The teacher required her to ask questions to the class about her work and they were to give her feedback.

“I can not see most students because they tilt their display camera toward the ceiling or to a background wall,” she said.

“When I do get to see someone, they usually have a light jacket on and a mask,” Cameron said. “During a virtual presentation, I don’t have to wear a mask.”

Cameron commented on the difficulty to understand everything.

“With my teacher having to wear a mask,” she said. “It makes it harder to understand what she is trying to explain.

“I can usually hear her, but because I can not read her facial expressions, sometimes I get confused; or take something she says the opposite of what she is actually meaning,” Cameron said.

In most of Cameron’s classes, she feels like the teachers are being pulled in two different directions because they have to help the virtual student and the student that is sitting in the classroom. Usually, virtual students do not get as much attention. They are told the assignment and to get the work done.

“The teacher will say ‘You can text or email me, if you need help or don’t understand’.” Cameron said.

She has texted or emailed but said the request for help sometimes went ignored or the teacher will text her a few days later.

“This makes me panic,” Cameron said. “I want to get the work done on time and be sure that my grades reflect that I am doing the assignments. Or else my parents will have to email the teacher on my behalf.”