Spanish spoken here

Alexa De La Garza, Staff writer

Large flashcards bearing both English and Spanish words decorate the walls of Spanish 1 teacher Miriam Ramirez’s classroom. Pictures of objects bore labels in Spanish, identifying them for the new-to-the-language students.

No doubt, Spanish was taught here.

For freshman football player Caroderick Washington, it was a place he wanted to be.

“Speaking Spanish makes you smart,” Washington said.”You can talk to more people if you know it.”

Ramirez taught her students the lesson of the day during which they had to speak in Spanish.

In Spanish, Ramirez told them they would have to tell the class three things they liked and one they didn’t.

Perfection wasn’t expected so students weren’t afraid to try.

Me gustan los caballos, las trocas  y el fútbol,” freshman Edgar Mendoza said. “No me gusta la pizza.”

The whole class participated like it was a challenge, trying to one-up each other and be the best.

“The work is so easy,” junior Niko Lomelin said. “And I just need the credit.”

Most students in that class were non-Hispanic but the interest on their faces showed how invested they were in learning the language.

“ My family is Spanish speakers and I feel left out because I don’t know a lot of Spanish,” sophomore Kaila Quidaja said. “This class has helped me a lot. I’ve gotten better and plus this class is super easy, Mrs. Ramirez doesn’t assign too much homework and I like that too.”