Hair today, hair tomorrow

Cosmetology provides real-ife skills


Michelle Castillo

Cosmetology students work on their mannequins as they do a man’s haircut.

Cosmetology teacher Barbara Brown looked over the heads of her students who were working on mannequins as they learned to cut a man’s hairstyle,

Twelve girls and two boys manned their own stations recutting the hair into a new style. The group of second year students needed little instruction. Brown’s job was mainly to oversee.

Senior Melinda Rios explained how she learned to cut a man’s hair. Rios mentioned on Mondays and Tuesdays the students stay in the classroom to go over what they are going to learn, all the techniques, and how to hold clippers.

Then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is when they “get on the floor.” The students look over their notes about what they are going to do which This week  was doing a man’s haircut.

“We learned by watching videos. Iand Iin the videos, they explain what you will need and how to begin the process,” Rios said. “You will need scissors and a comb and start bottom from top.”

Rios also added that one of the most difficult parts was following the guidelines that they put on the hair and blending the guidelines because it will determine how your haircut will turn out.

Once they are done cutting, they still have work to do.

“Then we style the hair with gel,” she explained.

Cosmetologists are responsible for their stations and all the equipment they use.

“We have to sanitize the scissors, combs, clippers, chairs and stations before and after cutting hair,” she said.

Some days in the class are more active.

About two days we were doing highlights and next week we are going to learn how to do a perm,” Rios said.“It’s a fun thing to learn, it’s exciting for the girls.”