The show must go on

Theater faces Covid

Luis-Angel Lozano, Staff Writer

When people thought 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, people were flabbergasted with some odd news: The theatre department decided not to give up on doing a musical but rather“Anastasia” would be done virtually. 

This won’t  come without its dilemmas. The theatre tech team was short on time, worse, it was short on crew members. 

Theater Tech teacher Ryan Burke discovered another problem for the show scheduled for Jan. 15-16.

Burke confirmed as he is still trying to procure a streaming service approved by the publishing company. Burke will only be allowed to use one of these services since this was the company who sold them the rights to broadcast the show requiring specific vendors for streaming. This was not but the tip of the iceberg; The theatre team was reduced to 30 members and the schedule was tight. With only four weeks left, the theatre team started to plan its strategy and came up with a solution.

 “We have to build minimal sets for this show, because our backstage crew has to be small. If we build fewer big pieces, we won’t need as many stagehands to move them,” said Burke. 

Burke instead proposed using projections when possible, which the theater team agreed to. 

In class, the theatre team has been building arches, which will be hanging and “flown in” via overhead lines and pulleys. They won’t need a lot of people. 

Burke has the same expectations for this play as he did last year, even if he has a reduced amount of members.

”The company of the show said the cast and crew has to be 30 or less, which means there will be fewer people involved this year, but we will make it work,” Burke said. “We have a really talented group that really wants our show to be a success.”

              While the date for “Anastasia” hasn’t been decided, Burke was offered some options the theatre department could take to broadcast the show as soon as possible. 

Burke said that perhaps the show could be streamed afterward, sort of like a rebroadcast. While it may not be the best option, 2020 has made everybody improvise and get out of their safe zone. Theater is no different. It is evident that Burke, no matter the outcome, is proud of his theatre team for helping the show become possible.