From the outside looking in

Looking at Matthew Wade’s class as a VLA student

Naudia Cantu, Staff writer

Students hear pop music blaring from the computer and laughter in the classroom as students get ready for the lesson.

The virtual students wait for health science teacher Matthew Wade to come on the screen. His voice can be faintly heard from among the students voices as he greets them a good afternoon.

 As Wade came on the screen, he greeted the VLA students with an eye smile with half his face covered by a black West Mesquite mask.

 “Hey guys. how are you all doing today?” Wade said.  “Today’s lesson will be where we left off last class on the urinary system.”

He turns down the music and starts to do the attendance for all his students. The clicking of the keyboard as he types is all the VLA students hear as they wait for Wade to start the lesson. 

Once done with attendance, he gets up from his chair and moves the camera to where he stands in front of the white board so the VLA students can see him and see what he writes on the board. While Wade teaches the lesson. he answers both questions from F2F students and VLA and makes sure all his students understand..

As Wade comes to the end of his lesson, he asks if anyone has any questions which was greeted with silence.

 “Today’s assignment is important because it counts as a six weeks test,” Wade explained. “So make sure to put effort in this assignment for a good grade.” 

 After explaining what to work on today, Wade lets the VLA students sign off to do their work, telling them he will see them next class.