Destressing the Testing

Games provide way to prepare for finals, add fun

Hannah Stalnaker, Staff writer

Forensics teacher Melinda Evans opens the google meet at 8:40 in the morning and already has the class laughing. 

It’s a week before finals and six week tests are due, so Evans decided to start class with a game. It’s an online game similar to the hit game Among Us and is a review for her students’ six weeks test.

“I thought since tests were due this week and stress is added, we could play a game for the beginning of class.” Evans said, “It’s a forensics game, of course, but it’s like the game Among Us.”

As in the game Among Us, a certain number of people are players and a certain number are imposters. The goal of the game is to guess the imposter before they kill everyone. However, the name of this game was called Gimkit. Since the class is Forensics the game had three murderers and 23 regular people.

The class was boisterous, yelling and screaming and loudly accusing classmates of being the murderers.

“I think it’s Julio  [Villeda]. He’s acting suspicious,” a classmate yelled out across the room.

“I ran Remee  [Hernandez] three times and nothing is coming up, I think it’s him,” VLA student senior Tre’Von Small said.

It was the first real time that face to face and VLA students got to interact with each other.

After the imposters were discovered, the class prepared for their six weeks test. The classroom got quiet and the students settled down.