Hack has many meanings

MesquiteISD internet attacked. IT takes care of problems quickly.

Brian Handy, Staff writer

Students working another day
(Anahi Diaz)

Barely a week before school was to release for winter break, chaos happened. 

Mesquite ISD as well as a large number of entities were taken down by unknown hackers. What is known is that the hackers were professionals and that they had hacked into a number of places.

Thursday, Dec. 10, suddenly google meets stopped in mid-word. Virtual students started sending text messages, remind messages and email to their teachers. The first two worked but email was out and would be until Sunday afternoon when some district employees would get it back.

Getting information from the district came in the form of West Mesquite Is The Site which let teachers know what was going on. 

Lengthy voice mails came from the district office.

But what was it like in a classroom setting?

Astronomy teacher Melissa Griffin always greets her students with a cheery. “Good morning, students.”

Virtual students in Griffin’s Astronomy class always get the teacher’s attention first. 

“The google meet today looks very full today, Miss.” VLA student Brandon Sanchez observed.

Griffin explained why she thought more students were there.

“I know today we are doing something different,” Griffin said. “You guys are being assigned a project and will be put in groups.”

“The project is to research about a dwarf planet,” Griffin said. “And make a website on the particular planet.” 

“Mrs.Griffin, may I do my project alone,” senior Jennifer Guzman sighed. “I don’t like depending on others.” 

“Yes, of course you can., Anyone else wants to do theirs alone?” asked Griffin. 

A lot more students chose to do theirs on their own. Then suddenly the google meet failed. And none of the students could log back int. 

Fast forward to the weekend. Griffin sent out an email saying 

“Sorry for the meet, but the principal said we have gotten hacked.” Griffin wrote. “That’s why everything was down and not working.” 

She also gave some unexpected good news. 

“The assignment due date has been pushed back to Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.”