Christmas present for the world It’s not just about ourselves


Enrique Garcia

The wish to end the year

Destiny Dixon, Staff writer

The room had an eerie green glow to it. Bowls of candy sat on the table waiting to be eaten. Three desks sat it in the room, two of them empty. 

One desk was occupied by biology teacher Valinda George. 

“What I want for Christmas is to see more empathy in the world.” said George. “We should ask people what they are going through instead of making false accusations.” 

George believes people can change the way they feel by the way they behave.

 “People would be more nicer to one another if we would have a little more empathy,” she said.

People want good things for the world. It’s not all about “what gifts will I get.”

Sitting in the back of the class, working on his assignment, junior Daniel Liberato pondered his desires.

¨I want Covid to end and for scientists to find a cure,” Liberato said. “If this did happen, I would feel much safer because less people are going to die.¨

Some debate whether people should wear their masks after the vaccine for Covid has been found. 

¨I will wear my mask for a little bit, up until there are no more cases of Covid found,¨ Liberato said.

Junior Kendra Eddington has another wish based on the Black Lives Matter situation.

 “I would like racism and hatred to stop,” Eddington said.

Racism and hatred came to the front this year. While George Floyd’s death brought it to the forefront and had people of all races peacefully demonstrating, much work needs to be done.

¨I would feel happy because everyone who has a different skin color won’t have to worry about it anymore,” Eddington said.  “People will finally be able to live their lives safely.¨