Escamilla + Yeater = A trip to state.

Runner finishes 23rd out of 122

West Mesquite has wheels


West Mesquite has wheels

Koriana Sledge, Staff writer

When junior Jesus Escamillo joined the cross country team his freshman year, he had no idea what was in store for him. 

Escamillo is a determined cross country runner. He does not settle for less. He always strives for more. Escamillo has a love for running.

He enjoys running with his friends and making memories. He says it’s the best feeling ever.

”I enjoy cross country more than anything,” he said. 

What keeps Escamillo motivated is setting goals.He sets his mind to a time to complete a run and he consistently does better.

”Even when I run a fast time, I know I could still go faster.” Escamillo said with confidence. 

When running, his goal and how much he loves running is the reason he does not stop. 

He reminds himself what he is trying to accomplish.

When it comes to grades, Escamillo stays on top of them because one failing grade and he can not run in a meet.

”Keeping my grades up can be difficult at times,” he said. “but I try to stay on my grades so they don’t prevent me from running.”

At Escamillo’s first state meet this November, he placed in 23rd out of 122 who finished the race.

”It is cool knowing that even though it was my first time at state, I was still able to finish in a decent position,” he said.

Despite his better than top 25 finish and beating his own best time by about 15 seconds, he is still not satisfied. He continues to keep trying to accomplish a faster time.

“It is me versus me,” Escamillo said. 

Even though he made history – being the first West student to advance to state since 1991, he still feels as if that’s not good enough and that he can do better. He plans to be the best he can be and that was not it.

“No matter how good I think I am, I know I can always do better. I credit all my running success to Coach [Tara] Yeater” Escamillo said. “She is the only reason I am where I am.

“The only thing I do is move my legs fast,” he said. “She is the one who taught me to run smart.” he said. 

Escamillo says she puts him through workouts to improve his strength and speed, She helps him with his breathing pace as well.

“It’s all about competitive nature and never being satisfied,” said Escamillo.

That and having a coach who gives him her all as well.