How to hibernate successfully

Enjoy your two weeks safely – pandemic remember

With the semester coming to an end everyone is either anxious or eager to get those two weeks off. But what will students do with this extra time? Get extra sleep, work, binge the latest show on Netflix? The options are limitless. 

A lot of people will be overwhelmed with this extra time but luckily people here have a lot of great ideas on how to not go mad during the winter break.

“I just play games all break,” senior Kaledron Broomfield said “Playing classic games that you haven’t played in a while can be better than the new games at times.”

Broomfield plans to turn to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, holder of  game of the year award in 2011. 

There’s nothing wrong with playing games when students  have so much time on their hands. But options other than playing games are out there. 

Getting outside is another option. Photography walks are an up-and-coming activity now that everyone is trapped in their homes. A photography walk or drive increases awareness as one looks at various locations near them. Take some amazing pictures of nature.

“I find myself getting lost with nature all the time,” junior Angel Reyes said. “It’s just so mesmerizing”

Being out of school should truly be a break so treat it like one and have a happy holiday.