Pho fixes family feud

Daughter knows way to her mom’s heart is through her stomach

Kensia David , Staff Writer

It was about 6 a.m. Monday, when sophomore Lina Huyhn woke up and went to the kitchen. She saw her mom and greeted her. 

“Bạn khỏe không, bạn đã ăn chưa?” she said, (“how are you, have you eaten?”) which was a common greeting in her family who originated in Korea.

Her mom didn’t answer her.

“I didn’t get why,” Huyhn said. “She was always so quick to answer me back.”

Huynh repeated her greeting and again got silence. Huyhn knew something was wrong but didn’t know the problem.

So she asked her mom “mẹ đã làm gì,” (what did I do?) 

Finally she turned toward her daughter and answered with an angry voice, saying that her teacher contacted her about her grade. 

Huyhn could tell her mom would be mad for a while. So she decided to do what she knows best to get back on her mom’s good side – cook her their favorite vegetarian dish – phó. 

It would take some time but anything that could get her out of trouble would be worth it. But she ran into trouble – the necessary ingredients. She couldn’t find the ingredients she needed. She didn’t want to ask her mom to take her to the store so she had to go to her father instead. 

“Bố tôi cần đi đến cửa hàng,” (Dad, I need to go to the store).

He seemed mad at her too but he still took her to the store after school. She pulled out her list of the things she would need: carrots, cabbage, star anise, ginger, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, coriander, bean sprouts, mint, hoison, lime, sriracha and tofu.

She got home and began to cook and decided to add some music in the background for the three-hour cooking of the meal. She felt more excited when cooking than any other time.

When her mom got home, she could hear her voice in a much happier tone. After everyone finished eating, she went to her room to get her work done. 

 “From then on, I know never to slack on my work again,” she said. “Unless I want another attitude.”