Wheely good time

Cycling keeps teacher Melinda Evans happy and in shape

Brandy Arredondo, Staff Writer

West teacher Melinda Evans takes pride in her active hobby. Weather allowing, she does a countless bike rides weekly on her specialized Roubaix with upgrades which make it lightweight . 

“I always ride during the week in the evenings after work,” Evans said. 

Weekends are her favorite in that she isn’t limited by the number of daylight hours. She also enjoys riding with other cyclists.

 “There are several rallies that I participate in,” she said. “But none of them are for competition.”

She enjoys the ride on her bike every day. In more ways than one, she is able to appreciate every moment that comes along the road. 

“Riding outdoors is very refreshing,” Evans said “I hate being cooped up inside, so being able to go outside and ride anywhere gives me a sense of freedom.”

With such an athletic hobby, there must come a motivation. Evans’ motivation always comes to her at the end of her rides because of being tired. 

“Food has always motivated me the most. Cycling is one of the few sports that people tend to gain a lot of weight after a long ride,” Evans said “We always tend to eat so much.” 

Her life is impacted daily by her hobby, even by her motivation, the food. She can get drained physically and she can also get injured..

“My tires slid out from under me while I was coming around a curve,” Evans said of her Tucson, Ariz., accident. 

“I broke my arm, had a road rash and the handlebar went inside my knee,” Evans said. 

The handlebar punctured the side of her knee and made a hole, her muscle tissue could be seen through the hole.

“I then had to walk about a mile to a road and hitchhike to a hospital,” Evans said.

All this shows exactly how much she is dedicated to it and how much it has impacted her life for the better, including the lifelong friends she has made. 

“I have made a lot of new lifelong friends since riding. I have met so many people from so many different walks of life,” Evans said “It is just so fun to be able to go out and ride with them and have a good time with them. “