Pandemic encourages some to avoid boredom

Freshmen create their own cosmetics, businesses


Jasmine Bussell

Shelby’s special Sunflower Enchantment

April Marquez, Staff Writer

Freshman Shelby Ferguson doesn’t like being bored. And that’s what she was during the beginning of the the six-month shutdown the pandemic gave her .

Rather than being bored, Ferguson came up with an idea in April  for her own business, Sunflower Enchantment, which is what she named her Instagram site.

It started with making her own lip glosses and keychains.

First came the lip gloss.

Ferguson created a gloss using a small syringe to squirt it into the lip gloss tube. Now she spices some of them by putting glitter – which ends up on the buyers’ lips – or little flowers that make the tubes look pretty.

Her business items have come a long way from lip glosses. She’s added eyelashes and keychains.

Ferguson’s items are important to her. She makes them with love and passion .

To Ferguson, her customer service is important because she doesn’t want her customers to be unhappy with what they receive.

Ferguson’s happy customers are her best means of people finding out about her line.

They give her shout outs.

She also touts her Instagram site on her own personal site. She has many followers who have seen her cosmetics.

Ferguson sees this as something that’s going to keep going. She is reworking her site and added more products.