Setting high goals

2 freshmen play varsity in final season game, garner three TDs between them

A’Nyah Simmons, Editor in Chief

For each freshmen Kasen McCoy and Christopher Scott, their love for football started before]kindergarten. McCoy was 4 and Scott were 5. The two didn’t know each other or the parallel paths they were taking. 

They met for the first time in seventh grade at Frasier Middle School. From then, they watched each other’s star rise. Their friendship and connection to football only grew stronger. 

¨We started off as strangers and grew together as brothers through football,¨ McCoy said.

To these young men, football isn’t just a sport, it’s something that has truly shaped them into what they hope they will be: NFL stars.       

 Most people see them as just regular freshmen, but their skills on the field say otherwise. McCoy feels that he is more skilled as a receiver while Scott feels his talent is safety.

While seventh graders, both boys were under the scope of West Mesquite High School coaches. Despite being in middle school, their awareness of being evaluated pushed their dreams and made them more serious about football. 

These boys were best recognized because of their best positions. 

“I started to take football more seriously in middle school because of all of the recruits for West Mesquite football,” McCoy said. 

On the freshmen team, they were aware of the intensity of the varsity coaches as they watched the two of them. That worked to their advantage. They were called up to varsity for the last game.

And it wasn’t just so they could warm the bench with the older guys. 

McCoy and Scott refused to let any distractions get in the way as they prepared for this big moment. Each improvement at practice only pushed them closer to the crowd at Memorial Stadium under the Friday night lights. 

“I was nervous but when the game came along,” Scott said. “I went with the flow.”

Scott and McCoy took to the field for the game against Sherman. Scott was proud of his touchdown and being in the game for all four quarters. McCoy reveled in his two TDs and played all four quarters as well.

¨My favorite part was hyping up my coaches and seeing my teammates cheer me on,¨ Scott said.  

 Off the field, they strive to stay focused and balance sports with school. Keeping good grades in football is the best way to keep these players on their “A” game.

“I set goals to get good grades and stay on top of workouts,” McCoy said. ¨It can be a challenge to balance football and grades but I always manage to get my work done before I have practice.¨

Both players plan to commit to Clemson University once they graduate and believe their love for football will only continue to grow. Scott’s second choice is the University of Florida.

Scott doesn’t limit his time on the field to thinking about himself. When he steps on the field, it motivates him to be a role model for his teammates. 

Right now, the sky’s the limit for these two. Both have dreams of a future in the NFL. 

 “It will be challenging because there’s going to be bigger, stronger and faster people than me. That means I have to out smart them and play harder,¨ Scott said.